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Rodriges Zalipynis R.A., Ivashchuk O.A, Konstantinov I.S. Modern Information Technologies in Environmental Sciences: Climate Wikience // IEEE 8th Intl. Conf. on Intelligent Data Acquisition and Advanced Computing Systems (IDAACS) Sept. 24–26, 2015, Warsaw, Poland.
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Rodriges Zalipynis R.A., Ecologic assessment of air pollution by nitrogen dioxide over the territory of Europe using Earth remote sensing data, Journal of Informatics, Cybernetics and Computing Machinery, № 1(19), 2014. – 162 pp. – P. 126 – 130.
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Rodriges Zalipynis R.A., The place of Ukraine in Europe according to the level of air pollution using Earth remote sensing data, Proceedings of IV All-Ukrainian Congress of Ecologists with International Participation, Vinnytsia, Ukraine, 25 – 27 September, 2013. – 552 pp. – P. 130 – 132.
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Rodriges Zalipynis R.A., Risks of air pollution by aerosols over the territory of Europe, Materialy IX Mezinarodni Vedecko – Prakticka Konference “Veda a technologie: krok do budoucnosti”, Prague, Czech Republic, 27 April – 05 March, 2013. – P. 35 – 42.
Rodriges Zalipynis R.A., Representing Earth remote sensing data as time series, Journal of system analysis and information technology in environmental and social sciences, № 1(2) – 2(3), 2012. – 212 pp. – P. 135 – 145.
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Maps of air pollution risks by sulfur dioxide for Ukraine with spatial resolution of 27.5 km х 18 km
Range, Dobson Units Risk Category Map (KMZ)
0.5..1.5 Low KMZ
1.5..2.5 Moderate KMZ
2.5..3.5 High KMZ
3.5..5.0 Very high KMZ
To view maps in KMZ format Google Earth is required
Rodriges Zalipynis R.A., Efficient isolines construction method for visualization of gridded georeferenced data, Problems of Simulation and Computer Aided Design of Dynamic Systems, №10 (197), 2011. – 290 pp. – P. 111 – 123.
PDF ~900 KB
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