Geoapplications development

This course gives programming experience with geospatial data. We will use Java to work with third-party libraries, spatial databases and servers to store, process, visualize and exchange geodata. The course is beneficial for any modern software developer due to explosive popularity of geoservices.

Topics covered:
— basic theory: geographic coordinate systems, geocoding, vector and raster data types and operations
— I/O with vector (KML, GeoJSON, WKT) and raster (GeoTIFF, NetCDF, HDF) formats
— network protocols for geodata exchange: WCS, WFS, WMS, OPeNDAP
— frameworks: Mina, Netty that is used by Twitter
— spatial databases and servers: PostGIS, RasDaMan, GeoServer, TDS
— software libraries for geodata processing: vector Geotoolkit, Apache SIS, Java Topology Suite and raster ImageMagic, GDAL
— processing Landsat and Terra satellite imagery (tiling, pyramid, color enhancing)
— visualizing geodata with NASA WorldWind, Google Maps API, Mapbox

Prerequisites: Java programming skills. Be ready for intensive assignments in programming and be sure to reserve disk space on your laptop/home PC (approx. 30 GB) for data and software that will be used during the course.

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