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Rodriguez Zalipynis
Ramon Antonio
mail: rodriges at wikience dot org
DonNTU Master Rodriguez Zalipynis Ramon Antonio
Methods of solving graph partitioning tasks using computer cluster network
Ladizenskiy Youriy Valentinovich
Faculty of computers and information science
Software support of automated systems


  1. Knowledge of algorithms (classical, graph theory, computer graphics, combinatorial optimization methods).
  2. Deep knowledge of Delphi and C++.
  3. English language knowledge (cirtificate).
  4. Able to translate computer science papers, documentation from English to Russian.
  5. Acquainted with SQL, MySQL, Delphi 7, Java, Perl, PHP, Visual C++, C++Builder, HTML, JavaScript, Lisp, Prolog, Assembler, Visual Basic, InterBase, MS SQL Server 2000, MFC, AutoCAD, MS Access, Linux.
  6. Deep knowledge of MS PowerPoint 2003.
  7. Passed Microsoft trainings on high performance computing based on computer cluster technology (basics of administrating Windows Server 2003, Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003; programming using Compute Cluster SDK, MPI).
  8. Getting trained very fast. Like generate ideas and improve.
1999-2003 Druzhkovka lyceum Intellect
2000-2001 Courses based on Donetsk National University
specially for computer science competition winners
2001-2003 Partially full-time school for gifted pupils Erudit
2003-2007 Bachelor of Computer Science (honours degree)
Average mark 4.93
Faculty of Computer Science
Software support of automated systems
Donetsk National Technical University
2007 Starting MA course
Faculty of Computer Science
Software support of automated systems
Donetsk National Technical University
Personal data:
Citizen of Ukraine, 1985 year of birth, not married

Short biography:

To my parents

First of all I would like to thank my parents. Zalipynis Larisa Anatoliyvna and Zalipynis Antonina Gavrilovna are my mother and grandmother. They always support me over my lifetime. If I do anything good thats because they taught me do that. Exactly with their prop I have become who I am now. I think no more words are needed.


My full name is Ramon Antonio Rodriguez Zalipynis. I was born on 13th September, 1985 in Druzhkovka town, Donetsk region, Ukraine. I can be even more precise: I saw the world for the very first time at about 2 a.m. That was a beautiful September night.

I have some hazy recollections of my early childhood, but for some reason I have some feeling as if I remember how I was creeping on all my fours when I was very little.

In my childhood I had been attending three kindergartens. The first kindergarten left memories about how it was distant and it was very and very difficult to reach it. My mother had been working in it for some time. Also I had been attending Zaychik (it had been re-equipped for lyceum, but the building had been left the same: small rooms, knotty passages, low-ceilinged, but floor with heating-up). In this kindergarten I had been staying 8-11 grades when I had been studying at lyceum. Recently lyceum has become a gymnasium and younger grades study in that building. In Solnyshko kindergarten my mother works as a nurse. It is the best of the mentioned above kindergartens.

Also I remember how I didnt want to attend kindergartens. I didnt like many aspects, especially meals and regimen I never slept in the daytime.

Nevertheless, childhood is the brightest time in my life from what I remember. I didnt spent much time outdoors, but also didnt waste time indoors. Everywhere I had interesting occupations.

Oh, my wonderful school years

My school years turned out to be the most fairy-tail, just incredible and exceptional time of carefree and sincere childs happiness. I regularly breathed fresh air, went to vegetable garden and helped there. Each year I had a resort at sea where I got a tan. In the past I had such strong tan that with my black hair and very black back I looked like a real black-skinned African. I had always to bring it home to everyone that I havent had such in my stock.

I finished fist three grades with no letters of commendation. That was because of low marks in physical culture and singing. Hereafter I made up leeway: later there were no music (how one could overcome it?) and I was freed from physical culture.


Fortunately, I was accepted to lyceum without exams. I wouldnt have entered lyceum if it had been several blocks farther than my native school.

This time seemed to be the most happy in my life. It was lyceum where I began to study computer science, algorithms, write programs, participate in competitions.

The eighth and ninth grades I had been studying studiously, in tenth grade I devoted all time to learning programming, in eleventh grade I began to study again, participated in MAN.

From the first course of lyceum Ive actively begun to participate in competitions. At first, I tried out myself everywhere, but than I found myself in computer science and English; hereafter I would even hesitate in choice between those two disciplines when entering University.

I took prize-winning places in regional competitions in computer science; participated in regional competitions in English.


The elder you become, the faster time is passing. And university is behind. But I have quite vivid recollection of how I had been filing my documents, how I had been solving mathematical problems during the interview As if it was just yesterday. I had no doubt in choosing speciality. My choice was software support because I wished to study more algorithms and mathematical disciplines.

Maybe the first course was less hard than the others. The most difficult on the first course was the adaptation to the new city and regimen. But now I dont consider myself adopted, because the most difficult matter one has to settle in Donetsk is accommodation.

On the second course Ive got acquainted with my advisee who had been giving lectures in discrete mathematics to our group. In this course my individual task related with studying of the first heuristics suggested for graph partitioning problem. I expressed my wish for science and began to read papers and participate in conferences.

Participations in conferences were of benefit to me, because I was nominated for the best report award several times. For some reason I want to mention the course project on the third course. Maybe that was the longest and interesting task.

The results of my research began to appear. I have become interested in discrete combinatorial optimization paradigms, inspired by nature. I keep in mind how I had been generating ideas of application of ant paradigm to graph partitioning problem, implementing that ides, experimenting. Interesting that when ideas failed or, vice versa succeeded, I was more surprised than upset or glad.

By the first course of MA more weighty results of my research appeared. I chose my master theme "Methods of solving graph partitioning tasks using computer cluster network" as a continuation of my SSS. By the grace of God, in .UA competition I and my results were appreciated and I was awarded of scholarship for 2008 year.

A road to Future

Well, we have reached the final mark. Still, it is somewhat agonizing to write about myself. And it is impossible to tell about everything on these small pages.

If I have favorable conditions I will devote my time to scientific search. I suppose that near years of my life will last in working as a programmer. In far perspective I imagine myself first of all as a researcher working on an enterprise.

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